Vol 3, No 2 (2022)


Metasubject educational outcomes in the contents of English textbooks for school students

Dichinskaya L.E.


Cambridge University Press, Macmillan Publishers, Prosveshcheniye Publishers as well as materials on the development of competencies for life prepared by Cambridge University and Macmillan Publishers. The research was carried out using qualitative analysis. The results showed that all textbooks under analysis contain tasks that develop competencies for life or general learning skills. Three ways of their integration into the content of foreign language teaching were identified: including communicative and information processing tasks aimed at developing communication, cooperation, critical thinking skills/ communicative and cognitive general learning skills; including tasks aimed at learning-to-learn competency / cognitive and regulatory general learning skills; including competencies for life and general learning skills as a lesson aim and topic. The results obtained can be used in foreign language lessons and extracurricular programs aimed at the development of general learning skills or life competencies.

Focus on Language Education and Research. 2022;3(2):3-13
pages 3-13 views

Genitive definitions in the chronicle of Worms (XVI century)

Dunaev A.E.


The article is devoted to the essential issue of the historical stylistics of German – the development of the "nominal" or "substantive" style in the Early Upper German period (XIV-XVII centuries). The research was based on the chronicle of Worms (XVI century) that represents one of the most popular genres of the period. The purpose of article is to analyze the topology and frequency of various types of genitive definitions of a noun in the text. We distributed nuclear nouns into seven semantic groups with a total number of examples of about 160.

The results obtained allow making following conclusions. The prepositive genitive prevails only in the groups of Nomina agentis and relational names. The connection between semantics and the topology of the genitive is hard to trace. Thus, the genitives of subject, object and possessive genitive are distributed between the pre- and postposition almost equally, with some preponderance of the latter. Genitivus definitivus and partitivus tend to postposition. With regards to parameters under consideration, the Worms chronicle corresponds to the general tendency in the XVI century, that is, to move genitive definitions into postposition.

Focus on Language Education and Research. 2022;3(2):14-21
pages 14-21 views

Analysis of business Chinese teaching content (based on Chinese and Russian textbooks)

Eliasina I.K.


The article is devoted to the study of current Russian and Chinese business Chinese teaching materials that can potentially be used in teaching business Chinese to nonlinguistic students. This article analyzes the teaching content of business Chinese textbooks by using the comparative research method.

It is based on the training aids, which are currently used both in China and abroad, and analyzes their compliance with the current requirements of teaching business Chinese in the Russian higher educational institutions. The article is recommended for Chinese language teachers in higher education institutions who teach Chinese or business Chinese in nonlinguistic specialties, where Chinese is the first or second foreign language. The article deals with textbooks of Russian and foreign authors on business Chinese language and analyzes them for the possibility to give lessons on these textbooks to the students of non-linguistic specialties.

The author studied several textbooks, including two English-Chinese and three Russian-Chinese textbooks. Based on the conducted comparative analysis, the English-Chinese textbooks are aimed at studying business Chinese in the format of additional language courses, this course does not imply an undergraduate course, as the lessons are designed for fewer hours, they contain a large amount of vocabulary, dialogues and some cultural explanations, at the same time they do not contain tasks for working on the vocabulary, translation tasks and grammar exercises, which gives minimal information assimilation and can lead to a shortage of information. Russian textbooks, on the other hand, assume a university education, with a sufficient number of hours of study. However, these textbooks assume studying Chinese as the first foreign language, which does not correspond to the current reality, where Chinese is most often the second foreign language in non-linguistic specialities, which significantly reduces the number of hours planned for its study.

Based on the data obtained, the strengths and weaknesses of each textbook have been identified and their relevance to the format of teaching Russian undergraduate students of non-lingual majors, but learning Chinese.

Focus on Language Education and Research. 2022;3(2):22-30
pages 22-30 views

Characteristic of the culture of foreign language business communication of future lawyers

Zak K.L.


In the last few years, international cooperation is expanding. For this reason, the society began to need specialists who is able to carry out business communication in a foreign language. One of the main roles in this situation is played by the knowledge of foreign languages among lawyers. This paper aims to study the characteristic of the culture of foreign language business communication of future lawyers. The application of theoretical research methods contributed to the solution of the problem. The article proposes the author's definition of the concept “characteristic of the culture of foreign language business communication of future lawyers”, describes its structure. The significance of the results will allow us to further consider in more detail the process of teaching lawyers professional English in a non-linguistic university.

Focus on Language Education and Research. 2022;3(2):31-37
pages 31-37 views

Interaction of discourses in the media space

Zenina T.V.


The paper discusses issues related to the study of the interaction of discourses in the media space, the analysis of the functioning of the discourse of "mister" according to the theory of J.Lacan, features of discourse in Russian and English-language media sources. The purpose of the study is aimed at comparing and analyzing the interaction of discourses in Russian and English. The object of the study is Russian-language and English-language media texts that reflect the peculiarities of the coronavirus theme in the media space. The paper considered various constructions that are the most popular in various newspapers, magazines and Internet resources related to the media. The subject of the research is the study of the peculiarities of the interaction of discourses within the media space, as well as the influence of each of them on various media sources in modern times. The scientific novelty of the research consists in the use of relatively recent articles devoted to a certain topic, which can help in studying the functioning of discourse in the media space, as well as for further linguistic research and comparison of changes in the language structure.

Focus on Language Education and Research. 2022;3(2):38-57
pages 38-57 views

Additional education as a means of developing the ability to intercultural communication of younger schoolchildren

Korchenkina D.V., Lapshova E.S.


The article considers the problems of intercultural communication between representatives of different cultures, and also suggests a condition for its formation. There is given the meaning of the term "intercultural communication". Primary school age is defined as an appropriate period for the formation of intercultural communication. After analysing this period, the psychological characteristics of younger schoolchildren were revealed, the advantages of learning a foreign language and the presence of difficulties in teaching a foreign language. Additional education is considered as the way to solve these problems. The purpose of additional education is the comprehensive development of each student. There were determined the main principles of teaching a foreign language in the conditions of additional education. The conclusion of the research was additional education has proved to be a worthy condition for the development of each student's readiness to implement interpersonal and intercultural communication in primary school age.

Focus on Language Education and Research. 2022;3(2):58-71
pages 58-71 views

Interactive techniques in teaching semantic reading in English to students of language faculties

Krotova M.Y., Rybkina A.A.


The article studied the theoretical aspects of semantic reading, interactive learning techniques for the development of semantic reading skills of students of the language training direction.

Focus on Language Education and Research. 2022;3(2):72-78
pages 72-78 views

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