Metasubject educational outcomes in the contents of English textbooks for school students

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Cambridge University Press, Macmillan Publishers, Prosveshcheniye Publishers as well as materials on the development of competencies for life prepared by Cambridge University and Macmillan Publishers. The research was carried out using qualitative analysis. The results showed that all textbooks under analysis contain tasks that develop competencies for life or general learning skills. Three ways of their integration into the content of foreign language teaching were identified: including communicative and information processing tasks aimed at developing communication, cooperation, critical thinking skills/ communicative and cognitive general learning skills; including tasks aimed at learning-to-learn competency / cognitive and regulatory general learning skills; including competencies for life and general learning skills as a lesson aim and topic. The results obtained can be used in foreign language lessons and extracurricular programs aimed at the development of general learning skills or life competencies.

About the authors

Lyudmila E. Dichinskaya

Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Education, Associate Professor, Chair of Foreign Languages

Russian Federation, 443099, Russia, Samara, M. Gorky St., 65/57


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