Selection of pedagogical conditions for teaching modern preschoolers

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This article is devoted to determining the features of teaching foreign languages to modern preschoolers. The study of the works of domestic and foreign researchers indicates clear differences between generations Z and Alpha, which proves the need to adjust pedagogical conditions taking into account the peculiarities of teaching modern preschoolers. The negative and positive characteristics of a modern preschooler are highlighted, which determine the selection of appropriate pedagogical conditions for teaching foreign languages to modern preschoolers, which include visual means of transmitting information, the novelty of the tasks used, the alternation of active and calm, individual and group tasks, and the time interval.

About the authors

Darya L. Dudovich

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Russian Federation, Russia, Samara, Moskovskoe Shosse str., 34

Yulia V. Uvarova

Samara National Research University


Graduate student

Russian Federation, Russia, Samara, Moskovskoe Shosse str., 34


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